I think by quad he means duplicate each track 4 times. Anyways, I like what you have hear. It sounds a tad depressing, I think it could benefit a lot with some more instrumentation going on, especially like some minimalistic drumming in the background. I think that would fit really well here. Ending was quite abrupt.

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The guitar tone is really easy on the ears. The little delay adds a bit of ambience to the part and I like the somber mood your harmonies create, and I like where they progress. You also use dynamics well. However, I think it ends a bit abruptly. I agree with the above comment - a little minimalist drumming would help, maybe some eighth note tom patterns and a little cymbal ride after the increase in volume?

Overall, it's a really cool idea and I enjoy listening to it, but I don't think you have finished this yet.
Thank you very much I will make sure to keep the effect. I agree it's very soothing to the ears. And you are correct, it's not finished at all simply cause it's all improvised. That's why the ending is so awkward. And thank you for the drum advice i'll try that out
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