Phew, haven't posted here in awhile.

Well, a few months ago I started playing guitar again after a few year hiatus. (shame on me i know)

Anyways, I told myself if I keep playing, then a month from now after I save up the $$$ I'm going to buy myself a real Fender.

I currently have a Squier Affinity Strat SSS and an Ibanez RG320.

Well, I love the Ibanez but I think I like the feel of the strat better, and I want a nicer one.

I was thinking a candy red standard HSS strat but then I stumbled upon the "Modern Player" strats. That white one looks nice, and the specs look similar to the Standards. But, from my research, they are made in China while the standards are made in Mexico. How much do you think this will affect the quality of the instrument? Is the MP just a nicer squier with fender slapped on the headstock or is it just as nice as the standard for $100 less?

If the extra $100 for the standard will get me a substantially better instrument, that's fine by me but if it will fit my needs just as well as the standard, I won't mind saving the extra money.

I play mostly classic/modern rock with a bit of heavier metallica-type songs thrown in there; so I figured an HSS strat will fit my needs perfectly. My amp is a Crate V18.

You should try both MIM and MIC versions. If you come across one you fall in love with, buy it. Opinions about the MIC Modern Player Fenders are very split. Honestly, I hear exactly the same complaints about Modern Player that I do about MIM. Basically, people get stuck with extremely crappy guitars that happen to be MIM/MIC, then they sort of extrapolate to mean that either MIM Fenders suck, or Modern Player sucks or whatever.

So I don't want to dismiss the legit complaints of people who get stuck with crappy instruments, but I feel there's more than enough positive feedback for both MIM and MIC Fenders to say that you should really try for yourself. I can't say you will definitely get a better instrument with a MIM, because, while it might have better parts, you could get stuck with a bad neck or some other craftsmanship problem.

In general, I would say MIM is probably a bit better than MIC, but try for yourself. MIM strats are usually a bit cheaper than a Modern Player if you go used. Going used is also good for the reason you're less likely to get a lemon (many people fix up their MIM strats and use them as player guitars for years before selling.)
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The Modern Players are Squiers with some unsual pickup configurations and a Fender decal slapped ont he logo. In terms of objective quality, they are no different from any Squier. Arguably they are inferior to the Classic Vibe Squiers, since those at least have nicer electronics.

If you can afford the MIM Fenders then there's really no point touching the MICs. Hell, you can get a second hand MIM Fender for the price of a new MIC one. Why anybody would buy a Modern Player, I've no idea.
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Ok guys thanks! Sounds like I'll go with the MIM.

On a side note, how often do standard strats go on sale? I'd hate to order one for $499 and the next week its on sale for $399

Was gonna order from musiciansfriend or americanmusical
Are you opposed to going used? You'll save a good deal of money going used on a MIM Strat.