So I left my electronic acoustic guitar at the guitar store to get it setup and get the actions lowered. But the guy whose doing it is really young (his 21) and I'm not too sure if I should go pick my guitar back up and go to another store to get it done where there is someone who is a lot older & possibly more experienced.

Am I just overreacting and shouldn't be too concerned about the age of the dude doing it? Maybe I'm overestimating how hard it is to set up an acoustic guitar :S.

Thanks guys
While it's a possibility the guy at the store might not be experienced (Guitar Center) it wouldn't have anything to do with his age. Hopefully the guy isn't just a salesman but chances are if it's his profession he knows how to adjust the action.

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Am I just overreacting and shouldn't be too concerned about the age of the dude doing it?
I think the clinical term would be "histrionics".

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Maybe I'm overestimating how hard it is to set up an acoustic guitar :S.
I'd venture to say by quite a bit.

Every time this question comes up, I mentally rephrase it thus; the question you should be asking yourself is not whether he can, but why you can't?

While it's very true that you can turn a simple setup into a technological tour de force. The average, reasonably adept with his hands person, should be able to get 90+% of, "all your guitar being all it can be", out of it at home, with some simple tools and patience.

I do my own setups, and would go fairly crazy if I had to give up the guitar, wait for it to come back, and then suffer the indignity of having to pay someone for that aggravation.

Doing it yourself allows you to approach to the job cautiously, little by little as your new guitar settles in. If one of mine should need a bit of tweaking, I do it in the context of the next string change.

Here's a comprehensive guide to acoustic guitar setup: http://thbecker.net/guitar_playing/guitars_and_setup/setup_page_01.html Why don't you read through it a few times, rehearse the project in your head, and then realistically decide if the project is within your skill set and comfort zone. Can you gain access to the tools and items necessary to do the job? Are you willing to make the investment in tools and supplies? These are some other pertinent questions.

Even if you decide it's not, you'll know what your instrument needs, and be able to talk about it with your technician.
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If he hasn't started yet and you can pull the guitar out without any charge, then I would say do it. I hate to be an age snob but it seems unlikely such a young guy would have the experience that might be needed. I say "might" because I don't know exactly what may need to be done to the guitar.

I always prefer to do action jobs myself. It doesn't take a lot of expensive tools, and once you get them they will last a lifetime. Doing it yourself also means you get it done exacly the way you want... and of course there's no charge, other than the cost of a few tools.

There are lots of good articles online, about doing action jobs.
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I can safely say that I am 18 and could do a better job of a setup on almost any guitar than the majority of local techs in my area. I'm by no means a professional in this, but I know you don't need 10 years of putting new strings and filing a bridge saddle to lower acoustic action to do it right.

If he does a bad job then you tell the store he did a bad job and either ask someone else do it or get your money back. If they hired him I'm sure he knows what he is doing or is at least supervised.
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Haha thanks for the reply guys. I'm a guitar noob so I won't exactly know whether his job is superb or some what average but either way I'm just going to leave it there and if its bad and I'm not happy with it after playing it I'll get it redone or something
You can't judge his expertise by his age, I have a friend who by about 26 had already apprenticed to a luthier and graduated to his own builds, he now specializes exclusively in high end custom mando's.