So, for some time, I've been trying to learn the song "Six," by All That Remains. I've been playing guitar for about 4 years (not totally consistently, mind you), and I am really having some trouble with perfecting the song. Sometimes, I'll play through the thing, and it sounds pretty decent. But the majority of the time, it sounds rather rough.

The solo is obviously the most difficult part, for those of you who know the song. However, I sometimes screw up the intro, as well. I don't know if I'm trying to play too fast (which I seem to do), it's above my skill level, or what.

For those who are familiar with the song, does it seem as though my abilities are behind what they should be, for someone who's been playing for about 4 years? If you know the song, what did you do to practice the solo and intro? I'm getting quite frustrated with this, and I would really like to know how to play the song, without screwing it up.
Okay a piece of very general advise here.
Make sure you're practicing with a metronome (or have a backing track in guitar pro or similar).
Set the metronome to a tempo where you can play each part perfectly (as in you can play it over and over without making mistakes, or it sounding sloppy).
Once you master it at a given tempo, increase the tempo gradually until you are at the performance tempo.

Make sure you break the song down in parts, and practice each part individually if you're having trouble with a particular part. Do this for the solo as well...break it up into several licks, and then just put it together once you get comfortable with each part.

Lastly... having played 4 years doesn't mean anything. Depending on how much you've practiced, and arguably more important, HOW you've practiced is way more important.

Good luck, and keep it slow and steady!
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