This is great. A perfect fit for my studying session

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Really ambient... not sure what I would classify it as. What did you use to make it? Keyboard and samples? Oh, wait, nevermind, the guitar part just kicked in.

Good use of "open space", i.e. silence there. Letting a rhythm drive on for a few bars and then cutting everything is a really effective tool to create and release tension. Overall, song has a good build up and is very much a pump up song. The rhythm is simple but serves its purpose, like the rhythm section on Kashmir. Production quality is high, and another break to a simple melody with a delay... then a cool guitar riff. I like the way the two guitars harmonize without following each other exactly.

Overall, enjoyable. I feel like there is plenty of room for vocals, which you should add.

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I like it, very unique. really cool interlude and guitar parts towards the middle. I think it would add a lot to the song if you added even more punch to the bass, maybe bring out the the underlying rhythm a bit more. But very cool, kinda takes you on a journey.

I would appreciate it if you gave me some critique to my song Shifting Sands
Intro sets the atmosphere. Rhythm guitar tone OK, but a bit fizzy. Could use some good vocals, or could be a creepy 60's movie soundtrack. My wife's grandparents did some work on some grade B 50's-60's creepy movies: the grandmother played a sea monster in a rubber suit in the ocean, the grandfather filmed it underwater ("The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues"). I like the synths & the song. Please review my music at this link: