I've been watching for used Agile guitars these days (as though new aren't cheap enough ) and have noticed that really sweet used ones no longer in production command close to new price. I've actually checked Rondo pretty regularly for the last year or so and notice that certain awesome models (this is tight for a strat- http://www.rondomusic.com/product423.html) just havent been available again, making them a little scarce. What do you guys think?
Said it yourself.

They are cheap to begin with, so they don't seem to take such a hit when people try to sell them used.

Though I think I am right in saying bar a few of the pricier LP style guitars, Agiles main appeal is the relatively low price and range of ERG guitars they sell.

I have need really heard much good or bad about their more conventional guitars.

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At least Rondo put up new Harm models. Nothing quite as nice as what they had before, but that blue one looks cool.