Hey everyone, first post here.

Im picking up my american tele today from guitar center. I need help finding a good clean sounding amp. I do not want an amp that has effects built in. As im going to run a boss gt-8 or me-50/70 through it. I just need a practice amp. I will be buying a mesa dual rec later down the road for gigging. I want it to be very versitle. I dont want to spend more than 400-500 for a practice amp. Post your suggestions. Thanks!
Check out their used section at the store. They've usually got some good tube amps there like Fender Hot Rods or even Orange head/cab if you're lucky.

If you want to go new, from what I recall at my GC, you have a few options. Fender Super Champ X2, Fender Pro Junior, Blackstar HT-5R, are some of the few that I can remember that fit your budget. The Blackstar would be great as I remember seeing a line in for mp3s and stuff, as well as headphone outs/emulated outs for quiet or direct playing.
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Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or the Fender Blues Deluxe would be great, especially the latter. If you can find them used for your budget go for the Blues Jr.
If you are gonna buy a big good amp later then buy a good budget amp and save the extra money for the big guy, now, that said, you can get a nice backup amp for that money.

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