After playing for about an hour I'm thinking that playing guitar regularly builds your arms
Thoughts on this.

maybe your fingers.
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All I know is that after Petrucci started playing Music Man guitars, he got huge. Like, freakishly.
Does a guitar weigh 250 pounds?
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It's weird how huge popeye's forearms are but his upper arms and shoulders are tiny.

Haven't you heard, the ladies love the forearms. They're the new biceps.
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Haven't you heard, the ladies love the forearms. They're the new biceps.

Ah, muscular forearms. Nothing says basement dweller like a rippling mass of baby-smooth forearm, with mysterious substances still encrusting the pale skin.
sometimes my shoulder gets sore if i wear my heavier guitar for too long
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Well, your fingers actually extend well into your forearm, so it's not that far-fetched.
if you're using enough force to feel like your getting stronger in the arms, then you are using WAAAYYYYY too much energy. Playing is about using the LEAST possible amount required to get the sound. It isn't about pushing yourself to the max, unlike working out, which is why in my opinion playing guitar is harder then exercising.
Maybe if your guitar has some kind of steroid injection unit built into it! But my little fitness program told me two hours of playing guitar sitting in a classical style position burns over 400 calories, but I having a hard time believing that cause I play a lot and I am not skinny and ripped like I should be if I am burning that many calories.
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well obviously your building some muscles. when you first start. but like anything you ever do for the first time, your muscles will grow to a certain point, after that its not doing anything

like if you lift 50lb weights and never increase. 50lb is good feel like butter when you lift it. it will stop adding resistance.so you wont be able to lift anymore then that. same with guitar

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Really? You don't agree that it's odd how big popeye's forearms are compared to the rest of his upper body?
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As a bass player (I'm better than you guys) my right arm sometimes gets a workout from slapping and playing in certain positions. Because of this, my right arm is actually stronger than my left and I'm left-handed (but play right-handed).
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