do i need a noise gate for live performances?
My bands rehearsal space is pretty small (8m²
and i've never had any problems with feedback even with my amp cranked to full
as long as i turn down the guitar volume down or keep the strings still when i'm not playing.

next week my band is having it's first gig, so i don't have any experience with this kind of thing
is it any different when an amp is mic'd?
would i really need a noise gate for this situation or could i just go the way i do when rehearsing?

Thanks in advance,
Mic'ing an amp up shouldn't make it feedback. A better question to ask is can I control my feedback? If you don't make use of it and have to roll down volume whenever you don't play, you probably want to use less gain or use a noise gate.
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It sounds like you are controlling your amp noise - so I would say no.
In a live situation, you'll be further away from your amp, and facing away from it. The feedback/noise should be even more controllable compared to your small jam space.

If you do decide to to get one, get the ISP Decimator.
Do you have any buzz or hum through the amp? That could be a problem in a different venue due to different lights (fluorescent lights can cause noise) or grounding issues. A noise gate is always worth the investment.
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Nope noise gates are just designed to cut back on the noise created from a high gain pedal chain or an overall noisy chain maybe due to vintage pedals or something. Then of course there is a bunch of fancy studio tricks with gated reverb and crap like that. I would just roll with what you are doing and when you have a break between songs just roll off your volume to kill the guitar signal, but odds are with all the ambient noise in the room you wont hear the amp hum that much or at all.
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If you've not got a problem with feedback at the moment, I shouldn't think you would have one at a gig. That obviously depends on how loud the practice volume is though.

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If you ask me, every guitarist should have one just in case.
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I'm not a fan of noise gates, myself. I do however play loud enough that if I leave strings open when not playing I get feedback. My solution was to simply to get into the habit of killing the volume on the guitar at the end of a song. It's a pretty common old school solution.
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