Ive just ordered a Fender Excelsior, and I was wondering, anyone know anything about the warranty and how Fender might respond to any issues?

Thanks a lot!
i seem to remember reading that fender only had a one year warranty on the excelsior.

in hindsight, that probably should have rung my warning bell.
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Their warranty on amplifiers states it's a 5 year transferable warranty. Exceptions:

-- Footswitches, speaker(s), cabinets, handles, hardware, and covers are warranted for 1 year.

-- Tubes, cables, and any other included accessoriess warranted for 90 days.

This applies to products in the US and Canada so shouldn't matter that it's coming from a Canadian dealer. And I'd agree with gregs, their support when I needed it has been pretty good in my experience too.
And let's not forget that if there's a defect in their products (*cough* Mustang fizz), they say "it's part of the package" and screw you over.
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if you have any issues, send it back to the store you bought it off and let them deal with Fender.

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