i just got guitar rig 5 which is an awesome piece of software
and i'm trying to get my guitar sound
i kinda got what i want but the details aren't 100% yet
if you can help me out with my tone please do so.
i'll add the tone in an attachement

so what i would like to add is a little more gain
however if i add gain it just gets crunchier but i would like it to stay tight
i'm actually looking for a beefy and tight sound
and something i would love in it is a kind of tjing when palm muting (kind of like the blink-182 palm muted sound (please don't make this a hate thread, if you don't like blink that's fine but i do))

if anyone knows how to get these sounds and wish to help out please do so
you can use the tone for anything you want an change it around for yourself if you like

Thanks in advance,
Show Off.zip
Adding gain will cause it to break up are you looking for a louder sound? have you tried adding in some EQ? Maybe a clean booster? Also you have to remember this is all computer simulated so you will have a hard time getting it to sound like the exact same as the real deal, but it will be close.
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I have Guitar Rig 4, there is a Blink 182 preset on there and it doesn't sound too bad, should be a good place to start, does Guitar Rig 5 not have it?

For what its worth, I love Blink 182, was one of the first bands to get me into rock music and I listened to them to death growing up, their later stuff is really respectful too, definitely shown they are great musicians to evolve from the early pop punk stuff to the much more complex and very original sounding later stuff.
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Please use the settings thread in GG&A. There's a link in the resource sticky there.