Hi. I would like to tab the intro of this song:

There are tabs for the song but those are for the original and it's a bit different

I am sure the beginning is this (missing a bit part in the video):


I need just the intro so 0-25
I have something in mind but I don't think that's right.
If I think it well the to "Keep you..." are the same.

Here's an other version where you can see playing:


Thank you in advance for your help, I would really like to get it well.
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Nobody yet? It's 30 seconds (or a bit more) but it should contain hammerings and bendings too. It's enough until he starts strumming. Please, tab the intro. (details above)
This should be decent. ASCII export sucks so it's .png

Gpx here (if you have GP6) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/102111217/Shared/UG/PretenderIntro.gpx
If you don't have that here's an mp3 of what the tab sounds like https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/102111217/Shared/UG/PretenderAcoustic.mp3

My notation might be weird or hard to read.
Ghost notes aren't played very strongly. Exact notes don't matter much as long as you're within the chord and got the rhythm down.

Hope this helps
Uh, thanks! You did this by ear? Wow
In the first line, when he plays 9-9-9-8, the third 9 shouldn't be bended? So it's 9-9-9b-8?

I thought about something like this but it sounded a bit different when I played first. That's maybe beacuse I wasn't sure if it was right or not. (end of first line and beginning of 2. l)

Anyway, that's what I was looking for. Many-many thanks, I can start to learn it now Thanks
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Quote by Furh

In the first line, when he plays 9-9-9-8, the third 9 shouldn't be bended? So it's 9-9-9b-8?

Ah, had another listen of that bar. Yes the 3rd is bend&release as well (it's a small bend so a bit hard to pick up). Then slide to 8 and pick. I corrected it in the sheet. There's probably some other small stuff here and there as I only went over it once.

Yes this is done by ear, extracted the audio from the video. I checked the video to see his fretting because I started out on fret 5 and ran into some problems.
It's good enough

Congrats. And thanks for spending your time with this