Intro reminds me of Mimicking Birds a little for some reason, goes away once the vocals come in though. I like your guitar playing. The background thingy that comes in at :57 is really nice and gives it a darker feel but I don't think the vocals really matched that too much, unfortunately. I also recommend maybe turning up the vocal mix a bit, I can't really hear what you're saying.
Overall it was a nice listen though. Maybe work on the vocal melodies a little bit and turn the mix up.

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Sounds floyd like. David Gilmour you know? Well i thought the instruments were fine they fit the vocals well. A lil gloomy for my taste. I would try to pull back on the eeriness of the vocals. Give it some balance by adding some full fledged notes instead of breathy ones.
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Thanks for the comments on my song

As for yours, guitar wise its very good. Love the riffs, melodies and patterns, and it has a nice warm tone, even on the higher strings.

The vocals, I don't know if it was intentional but you use some notes outside of the scales that are prevalent throughout the song, and it works in this case, but sometimes you are a bit flat, especially on some of the vocal harmonies.

Overall I really liked it. Got my foot tapping along to the droning bass lines. Keep going man
Interesting. Can definitely hear the David Gilmoure that others have been mentioning. I love the vocals. The guitar-work needs a bit of time to grow on the listener, but is also very cool.

Good job! And thanks for your comment on my track!

I let your Soundcloud running, pleasantly surprised to hear Faust Arp on there too.
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I agree with the previous commentors, your attention to melody seems similar to that of Gilmour, but it is original. The vocals get a tad pitchy at times and same with the harmonies, but it was easy to tell what you were going for. Maybe a tad too eerie at points, I think it fits the mood of the song, as it is supposed to be more on the eerie side in general, it just doesnt really have much dynamic in the vocal with the breathiness. But I think that factor of the music could work in your favor for people who like the genre you are going for
The beginning sounds really nice. Not sure if I like how the electric guitar comes in around 0:30 though. Your voice is a bit off sometimes, as said before, but I really like the harmonies. The part around 2:00 especially, sounds really cool. The song has a very interesting sound, it's a bit eerie but still kind of warm. To make it better, you should add some (more?) panning so that the different instruments come out more, it's a bit muddy sometimes now.

I liked the Elliot Smith cover too (it rolled onto that).

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I really like the rhythm of the acoustic guitar. The vocals are a little pitchy and there are times when the guitar is a little off rhythm. The songwriting is excellent, so I think you just need to work a little on presentation.
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A fellow irish man thanks for the feedback on my track.

now, I loved this song. The guitar line is catchy and funky, vocals little off now and then but not gonna dwell on that, you could polish it up i think because when it's working it fits in great with the song, it's only in a few places that it sounds like playing 'out'. the whole song has a sort of shimmering dissonance that I loved. The theme and songwriting was top shelf, seemed you know what vibe you want and pulled it off.

your other tracks show off your vocals better, i let souldcloud play out and the next track came on and i thought damn he has a nice vocal (elliot smith angeles was the track i think).