I'm planning on adding an EHX Superego to my board, but one thing I've picked up from all the research is that you really need to loop effects with it to get the most out of it. Currently, all my pedals just run in a chain (tuner > compressor > big muff > overdrive > phaser > flanger > delay), and I've never ran pedals in a loop so I don't know exactly how it works.

So I guess my actual question is this: If I put something like a chorus in the loop off of the Superego, does that mean I only have access to it when the Superego is engaged? Or does it just mean that the signal runs back around from the chorus to the Supergo before moving onto the next pedal?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I'm still in the early learning stages of individual pedals (dumped my multi-effects just last year).

The SEND and RETURN jacks help to form an
effects loop for patching in additional effects that will process the wet signal only.
SEND is an output with impedance < 5k ohms. RETURN is an input with impedance =
2.2M. To properly connect an external effects loop, connect the SEND jack to the
input of the first effect in the effects loop. Connect the output of the last effect in the
loop to the RETURN jack. While in Bypass, the SEND jack is muted.

this means you only have access to your chorus when the superego is engaged.
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that depends on the pedal ive never played with it but through some uick reading it seems that the loop works with the superego only

i could be wrong though maybe a more knowledgable member could help you out better