Hey guys,

Been lurking around these forums for a while now but never really made anything of it until today!

Bit about me:

Own a VERY VERY small guitar company (more a hobby than a company to be honest) which does custom guitars.

Been playing guitar myself for 10+ years

Into all sorts of different styles from classic rock, to metal, to blues, to classical guitar.

Current guitars:

Appetite for destruction Les Paul
Les Paul Custom
Handmade James Hetfield Snakebyte Replica
PRS SE Paul Allender Model
Handmade Stratocaster (first guitar made)
A very old Epiphone les paul with a blue sparkly top (My first ever proper electric)

and several not particularly interesting acoustics

Anyway, I'm glad to be on the board. Hoping to update people with my guitar builds. Going to be starting a Les Paul style build for someone soon made out of a wood called Paduk. Going to have some interesting custom inlay work.