Ok, I had an idea for my first guitar build that I would do from scratch. And being from S. Carolina, had the thought of maybe doing a body from palm of some sort, after googling the grain pattern of them, I thought it looked cool and figured I'd give it a go.

here's the problem:

I however cannot for the life of me find in any way shape or form; any wood here in the US. People use the palm for floors and counter tops, but I can't find anything domestic, it all seems to becoming from SE Asia.

Can anyone help me out? I've exhausted google over the past 2 hours. And I've called the local stores.

And yes, i realize the characteristics for the wood, but if I could find it domestically and preferably locally, I want to give it a shot.
Palms are not actually trees, but grasses. You cant make anything structural out of them.(at least not the Palm trees in the USA.
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I know that Rockler has Black Palm. It's kinda pricey though, and I'm not certain that the sizes available are conducive to guitar building. Also, I guess that's not really local or domestic though. (Their supply comes from Australia and SE Asia)

I had contemplated using it before (I'm currently working on my first build) but couldn't find much information on how well it would hold up. As Robbgnarly said, it's really just grasses, not wood. I don't know anything about it's strength or workability, so hopefully someone else can shed some light on that.

I think that if the general consensus is that it's not strong enough, perhaps it could be used as a "figured top" if you still want the look.
There is something called coconut wood I believe, which is an actual wood "replacement" for palm tree material. You could maybe do some research into that. From a quick little google search it seems to be mainly only available in planks good for flooring, however you could turn it into a top for a mahogany body or something. Just an idea. Or make veneers out of them and put them on a body and headstock
Thanks for the input yall. I realize it's a tough to build with and also technically a "grass". It's very stringy, similar to bamboo, but even worse from what I read. But it can be done, I've found a few people who have built instruments out of it, mostly uke's and eastern style instruments though. But again, mostly from asian builders, who have it readily available. I'm gonna keep researching though, apparently the core of the trees don't really "solidify" until they're 40-50 years old, then they're workable, if anyone finds anything let me know. I may infact just use it as a top if all else fails.

Finally found at least someone who had red palm in N. Carolina, maybe making a trip.
Yo, do the back out of bubinga and the top out of palm it should be a lot easier and bubinga looks really awesome
My advice is always to make things easy on yourself with your first build. For me, easy is maple, alder, basswood, mahogany, spanish cedar, cherry, ect.. Basically, woods that are stable and fairly easy to work. I can understand the desire to build something unique, but the first guitar is a big learning experience, and that should be the most important part, imo.
Quote by Robbgnarly
Palms are not actually trees, but grasses. You cant make anything structural out of them.(at least not the Palm trees in the USA.
Bamboo is also a grass and yet...

But, yeah, if palm behaves anything like bamboo I would imagine it being a biatch to work with. Always nice to see something different though.