Hey mate, just gave your song a few listens.

Sound quality is really quite good for a USB microphone (I honestly wasn't expecting much, but there you go). Your song had a classic, yet modern rock feel to it, kinda like alkaline trio. Was a condenser mic used?
Not sure if it was the bass drum, or bass guitar but there were a few uneven bass sounds every now and then, but nothing major to worry about.

I really liked how the base melody of your intro blended very well with your chorus riff, and didn't sound overdone. The chorus as a whole is really great, it's exactly the kind of beat that gets my feet tapping. The bridge is great as well. It really broke down the song and gradually built its way back up to the chorus, which again, didn't sound overdone which is great.

I'd love to hear how you implement vocals into this.
As a whole, really good. I'm impresseed!

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First off, I really like the tune. Really reminds me of something the strokes would write! I wish that you had a better recording system. The biggest weakness for this song are the tone and the lack of vocals. I'm quite impressed though especially with what you're working with for gear.

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