I am in need of information of what shall be the best choice for changing the stock pickups (CAP-Active) in my Ibanez RGA-42 (which has a mahogany body).

I play metal/rock and pickups with a sweet clean tone and clear well-defined distortion (a subjective term, but I don't know any better way to describe what exactly I have in my mind) is what I want.

I do not have any preference of active/passive or vice versa. I would want pickups that would best suit my guitar.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Since your guitar is made of mahogany which in my opinion sounds a little dark you might want some that balance that out with a brighter tone, try SD blackout metal, they have a cross over connector on them for extra output and then use a regular blackout neck position.

I tried a VMNT yesterday that had them in it and it sound better than the emg pickups, by that I mean tonaly versital