Hello, I have been interested in learning how to play guitar, I have been doing some research on various guitars and equipment, what do you guys think would be easier to learn as a beginner, electric or acoustic? I'm not much of an acoustic person, but if i need to go down the road of acoustic then so be it.

I am also looking for some recommendations on gear setup? What gear is necessary for a beginner?
I'd start with electric. Acoustics are bulky and hard to get used to holding properly...at least for me it was.

Of course learning to play electric will include getting an amp as well.

Here's how I started.

Epiphone SG $149.00

Used Marshall mini amp $50

Set of cables $16.99

Pack of picks - Less then $5

3 packs of Ernie ball strings - about $20

Ernie Ball Strap - $8.99

Guitar case - $30.00

Rock out man...always remember "If it sounds good play it"

Be sure to practice finger dexterity exercises they will help you pick up guitar faster and build muscle memory.