A couple of months ago I bought a Martin DX1AE Acoustic/Electric guitar from the local shop. It's a really nice guitar, but the only thing that bothers me is the truss rod settings. I would like to customize it but I've never done it before and I have no idea about the risks.

How safe is it to adjust the truss rod and how do I know in which direction I should spin the allen key?

Thanks for the answers.
have you noticed the extremely recessed truss rod hole? You will need a special allen wrench for it...think Stewmac sells em...because a standard one will not fit in there which led some people to even think it lacked a truss rod!

on the risks turning too much can cause damage to the neck so quarter turns only! make small adjustments and check the relief etc. Righty Tighty(less relief), Lefty Loosy(more relief).
Why do you think your guitar needs a truss rod adjustment? The way you determine if you need a truss rod adjustment is by measuring neck relief/bow, have you done this?
Never mind I figuered it out! Thanks though
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