i found some guy selling a set of SD 59's but he says they have no logo, he says they came on a guitar he bought and he swapped them out. The guys local to me so i can pop round and have a look at them anyone know of anyway i can tell if they are the real deal ?
Unless they're super, super old they should have the Duncan logo stamped on the back. I'm fairly certain their OEM pickups still have the logo.
thanks man, ill be sure to check the back, ive never seen an unbranded set of seymour duncans
OEM SD and DM pickups often don't have logos on the tops, but always have their model numbers (and sometimes the full brand logo) on the base. The only exception are the pickups that each brand has made exclusively for Fender (DM H4 and slug & screw pole PAF Pro; SD Pearly Gates Plus) which didn't have any logos or markings at all at first, though do have them now.
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Good point, we should discern between the logo on the top (plastic) and base (metal) side of the pickup. Plenty of Duncans don't have the logo on the top, but they'll all have some sort of identifier on the back.
my 59's don't have a logo on top. just black. but they all have the code on the bottom. shn1 i think for 59neck
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