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My band is having a party/gig/thing this week to launch some music we made. So we've got a bar for the night and a bunch of bands... but is it enough? What could I do to really make the night super-duper-special for everyone?

Open to all suggestions
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(a little drinking before you've played).

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give away free stuff. Go to a specialty condom store and see if you can get your logo on a bunch of rubbers and toss 'em in the crowd

go to an art school and see if you can find cheap interprative dancers to "dance" to your music.

Be discreet about it but get everyone high. Just bring a bunch of weed cookies and give 'em to everybody that wants 'em.... just be discreet about it.

Get the waitresses on your side by encouraging patrons to tip. Waitresses can be a band's most valuable ally.

If there are TVs in the bar, play some smurfs and other kids shows on mute. Either that or porn.
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Buy lots of booze. (No drinking until after you've played.)
Play dubstep instead of your music.
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Hahahahahahahahahah hahahaha har har har
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yeah good idea launch it into outer space so no one ever has to listen to it
I would rather go to see a good gig with good bands, rather than seeing a good gig with good bands and some last minute thrown together spectacle made in an attempt to elevate it to more than just a gig.

Either way, good luck with it, i'm sure you'll be fine.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Get wasted. Like, barely able to walk wasted. Smoke 4 joints and puke all over your guitar. Punch your belly until you shit all over yourself. Get on stage and find the hottest girl on the audience: bash her head open with your guitar (her brain matter must splatter all over everyone, it's very important so don't be afraid of hitting her 4 or 5 times if you're a little bitch). Piss on her collapsed skull and shout your band name: congratulations, you're on the road to sucess !!!!(and suck-ass, in jail probably. Dicks too, lots of cock will go through your mouth.)
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I think one of the best ways is to play a really good, fun set. Tight sound, interact with the crowd, look like you're having fun. Give away some free demos and if you play before some bands then mention them. Giving them attention might make them mention you in their set.
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