Hey y'all i plugged in my guitar the other day for the first time in like six months and started to play but the amp was giving some horrible feedback. every time i strum the high cords and even the low E it stops playing like its to much for the amp i don't understand what it could be the amp or the guitar any suggestions.
Do you have any other amps, or a friend with an amp you can try it in? Would help isolate the issue between guitar or amp.
Does the guitar sound fine acoustically? No dead notes or areas of the neck? Over time your action may have dropped super low or the neck could have become, warped, twisted or bowed, if the neck is the issue it will sound dead acoustically too, so try it unplugged ans report back, we can go from there buddy.
it sounds fine unplugged its just giving a lot of feedback when plugged in and theres a lot of dead nots on the real low strings like E and A and the high notes like e and b. but as i said when its not plugged in theres no dead notes. i didn't think of seen if i could try and use it on a friends amp though.
if it sounds fine acoustically then the neck is still ok so that's good . Once you gave tried it in a friends amp, we will know if it is the guitar or amp and can work from there.
If it's the guitar likely culprits could be the soldering just needs to be redone, or a simple replacement of one of the electrical components.

If it's the amp then someone else will have to help, I'm not too clued up on how amps work to be honest.
How old is your cord?
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