Hi guys

Picked up an inexpensive Ibanez a while back that had an upgraded brige pickup. Started to do some recording with it and noticed that the bridge pickup is quite noisy - it's nearly as loud as the center single coil. The neck PU is silent.

Any idea what might be the problem?
Poorly grounded or just stupidly high output are the obvious answers here.
Yeah figured it must be something with the electronics...how would I fix it? I've never actually messed with a guitar's electronics before.

If you want to know what the guitar is it's an Ibanez GRG170, and the upgraded pickup is a V8 from a higher-end Ibanez.
Take it to whoever swapped the pick up out and see if they could fix it if you haven't a clue. If you want to do it yourself, there's all sorts of tutorials on YouTube to help you out!
I'll see what I can find...it was already swapped out when the guy I got it from bought it...probably why he was selling it!