Hi there!

I need to buy an effects pedal, and I'm kinda down to this two options:

KORG Toneworks AX 3000 G - 165 €
BOSS ME-25 170 €

All I need is 3 effect modes [two for rhythm guitar (with distortion and clean channel) and one for solo guitar], plus a wah wah/volume pedal.

Wich one you think is better and why? Can you recommend me a different one for that price range?

I play mostly punk/rock/hardcore/ska.

Thank you in advance!
Read both manuals and decide for yourself. They are radically different in terms of footswitch control and size. The ME-25 has a 38 second looper and the freeze effect has a great control method using the expression pedal.

But the ME-25 has very limited F/S control (virtually none) over FX in a patch. So changing patches is the only real way to change your sound. Basically just a boost button and that's it.
So iyo the Boss is good for training but bad for playing live, since you can't effectively and quickly change from your presets while playing?

Any other cons? Do you know a pedal up to 250$ that has ME-25's features but more footswitch control?

Thank you very much =)
You can change the presets on the ME-25 while playing. But you can't use the footswitches to change individual effects.