Take Everything

It's our first track recorded in a studio. We should be getting a second track back soon, but the engineer is a bit lazy haha!

Thanks in advance!
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Pretty good actually. Like the complete break and the come back vocal immediately following. Suggest you listen closely to first verse vocals - sound a little out both in pitch and timing.
Suggest snare level a tad too high.
This, right here, is golden. You guys are gonna blow up huge. Dig the tone too. Hope to hear more from you guys.
I like it, what amp is that? Not sure about the MIB looking logo thugh
I really like it, the only thing I might suggest is the transition into the clean part sounds very sudden. Apart from that I love it
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Not my genre, but good quality recording. The vocals are a bit too loud though imo
and boom goes the dynamite! You guys rock. Better buy some flotation devices cause you're going to be drowning in tang gentlemen.
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Agree, the vocals do sound pretty odd, although you do get used to it pretty quickly.

The breakdown is good, but the the song is a little boring, almost generic for this genre of music; in particular the vocal melody. To me, it sounds a bit like a filler song on an album. Great quality though apart from vocals, and even though it may not seem it, I am really impressed, and I would definitely put this and any other tracks from your albums on my iTunes.
Not really my style, but I like it. The recording quality is great. I think the rhythm behind the vocals is really cool actually, makes it sound really interesting and dynamic. The harmonies during the chorus are nice too. Awesome breakdown, didn't expect that. Cool song!

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Thanks guys! Means a lot that most of the feedback is good! Inspires me to improve my writing ability

Any chance you could have a gander at the latest track we have?
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