The song was real simple and made it a bit hard to active listening. I can't say I really enjoyed how you delivered your lyrics. The Friends reference was a little funny. This song seems more like a improv thing that someone would sing at an open mic than an actual song. Maybe try adding some more instrumentation to the song and maybe sing while you play to make it more interesting.

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The acoustic guitar sounds really well recorded. Their is a disconnect between the vocals and the guitar mix wise. I think perhaps a little (very little) amount of reverb would fix. The lyrics are funny. I quite like them. I thought the melody could use a little more variation.
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Thanks guys I've listened and commented on each of your threads.

This was only really a rough track, and I need to improve on it. I rigged up two mics, one for acoustic, one for vocals, and just played the song there, in a live situation. The tone of the acoustic I used just seemed to come out great as a stale recording. Some of the session stuff I've done with it has come out great when a really good producer has worked his magic on it.

The song is meant to be a light hearted feel, and as Joshua said I do actually sing it at open mics, just as an in between of two perhaps better or more rounded songs.

Again, thank you for the comments and check your threads for mine
A very cozy song indeed. Your voice sounds very friendly and the lyrics add to this. Simple, clean guitar playing. Sorry to say though, but your voice is completely off ~40% of the time. I'm not sure if you're going for the narrative style, but in that case it should be more clear, or else you just sound like you're off key most of the time. It's a shame, because your voice is really soothing when you are in pitch.

As said before, this sounds a bit like an improv song. The kind of song you'd play in front of the fire somewhere in the woods. This, and the cool lyrics, makes for a cozy song to play for your friends, but not any more than that unfortunately. Not bad at all though.

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