This is one of a couple of acoustic songs which are basically in the same mood I'm working on at the moment, I can dig it but I'm not sure if it's interesting enough, I do feel like it might be a bit anticlimactic as well
Any opinions?
I really didn't mind it, there was some odd dissonance in the section starting at measure 25, more specifically measure 31 and each time it repeated.
Other than that I thought was pretty good. I understand what you mean by it being anticlimactic, but at the same time I didn't really feel like it built up too much where it really needed something big to finish.
I really enjoyed this, it reminds me of 90s emo quite a lot, I expect to hear Mike Kinsella whine over the top of it. The weird dissonance is kind of off putting but not completely disgusting. Some more technical drumming could be a nice attribution to it too, just added fills etc, the drum patterns blend into the background pretty well and don't disrupt it. I do agree with Metabolic though, I wouldn't say it was anticlimactic because it didn't really feel like it was building to a crescendo or anything, it was just chill all the way through, and it ended consistently. I'd like to hear this recorded!
Fell asleep to this yesterday, so thank you for that (couldn't get to sleep the last 2 days, thank you so much!), sounds very chill and very relaxed, even though there's stuff going on almost all the time.

Pretty melodies and I don't think you need a climax in that song at all, I'd just keep it as is and be happy about it, especially the pattern starting at around bar 65 onwards
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