Hey guys, I'm back with another song I made. I made this for a friend, her nickname apparently is Queen Win so I named the song after her. A couple people told me to try and extend my clean parts, so I made it a little longer before cutting back to the dirty stuff. Also I literally tried everything to transition to the intro riff and thats the best thing I could possibly do, its a little rough but it works. Anyways leave me some feedback and I will gladly C4C.

EDIT: It might help if I gave you the link XD

Audio quality is good, but just a little loud on the high frequencies on the distorted guitars, though I'm sensitive to that. Playing is tight & the melodies are good. Drums are fine. Like the harmony guitars. A bit long without any vocals, but rather good overall. Please review my music at this link (I think you owe me a few):

Really cool track man. My only suggestion is to bump the mids up a little bit. Keep on chugging brotha.
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Intro sounds good to me, if you are referring to the lead you open on. Like the little lead motif you introduce over the next riff too, sounds even better harmonized, but it is kind of a cliche motif (for good reason, it sounds cool). Your rhythm guitar uses the same harmonies throughout the first half of the song which is why it doesn't really sound like the song progresses emotionally until it hits the clean part, but if you had vocals there, this would be a lot less noticeable. The clean part and the part following it are enjoyable, using the patterns around 3-4-1 gives the lead breaks a sense of continuity but by the end of the song they sound a tad overused and I think you could probably condense the song a little bit if you don't add vocals.

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If you've critiqued and earlier version of that track I've got others on my soundcloud you may not have heard.