Hi guys
I would really like your help, I have been playing guitar for a while, I started out buying a nylon strung classical guitar (I assume it is 1/2 size as it is slightly smaller than the 3/4.
I found this guitar to be really comfortable to play but as I improved I wanted to upgrade.
I bought a full size electro/acoustic (steel strung) guitar, I liked this one but it has never felt as comfortable, the fret board size was fine for me especially as I mix strumming and picking, but the body size was always uncomfortable, it was too large and felt like an effort to hold unlike the previous.

I decided to go to the guitar shop and played a few different brands, I found the apx500ii the most comfortable of all that I played, I mentioned to the store assistant that I would prefer a smaller bodied guitar, he explained that I would be disappointed as the sound wouldn't be as good as a larger bodied guitar.
I should mention that I had been to a couple of shops and none had electro/acoustic small bodied guitars.
They did however have guitars with slimmer bodies than my guitar, and these felt better whilst in the store.
I purchased the APX, and I am very happy with it, but after playing it at home I realise that I still want that same feel that I got when playing the smaller guitar.

So my questions are:

Do any of the guitar brands (on par with Yamaha) do a small bodied electro acoustic with the cutaway?
Or am I searching for something that doesn't exist
I have tried search engines but always seem to get the baby Taylor or the little Martin.
These seem great but they do not have the cutaway.
I have purchased the APX500ii but would considering selling it when I find this guitar ( that may not even exist )

Thank you to anyone who can help.
You're better off posting this in the acoustic guitar forum, but I'll say this: Get used to a bigger body. Unless your a very tiny person, it should not feel so uncomfortable after a few weeks to a month. There are plenty of tiny women that use full-sized acoustics. I don't say this to be condescending, only to prove that it just takes getting used to.
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Play what is comfortable for you, everybody is different. I started on a dread but am now playing a smaller grand auditorium size. I found my shoulder hurting with the dread and it was hard to find a comfortable playing position.(By no means would anyone describe me as petite)

As for something comparable to the Yamaha, if you can find them try a Seagull Natural Elements folk or mini jumbo.

thats what i have as my beach banger/giging acoustic. sound is decent acoustic (and thats being kind of nice to be honest, though it might just be the dead stings that came on it) but it sounds fantastic through an amp, and its super comfortable, light, and amazingly for an acoustic this thing is a tank, i carry it with no case to the beach, the lake, the park, church, gigs. surprisingly nic guitar considring i paid i think 150 for it at a pawn shop

edit: typo i paid 350 for it
Maybe look into ovation or taylor. Both make slimmer body styles. You will be taking a hit in tone though when its not amplified.