So I've got a friend who has recently gotten himself into an Iron Maiden cover group and has become the "Dave Murray" of the group and the constant GAS-er I am I thought I'd "build" myself a Warmoth/custom Davey Murray stratocaster online.

Towards Live After Death he had a black strat with a top mounted Floyd, locking nut, HSH... Pretty standard fare... But trying to build this online I have some questions regarding the tremolo. So I buy myself an OFR online and get the Floyd recessed pocket bridge option from Warmoth would I have any problems? I read some people talk about neck angles are important. Would there need to be something else I'd have to add to the neck/bridge to achieve this top mounted Floyd on a strat? I believe Davey put a Floyd on his 57 strat sometime in the 80's and put a locked nut neck on it, but I'm not sure

Thanks for any comments, I love building guitars online and learning new things about building guitars and what is needed for what and all that
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I imagine if you're getting a body from Warmoth that's specifically routed for a Floyd there should be no problems.

One of the problems with actually top mounting a Floyd is that it stands so much taller than a regular bridge that the neck does need to be angled back to compensate and keep the strings more or less parallel to it.
Don't put locking nuts on a neck which isn't designed for it, locking nuts are bigger than normal nuts.
I put a top mounted Floyd on an old Gibson superstrat to replace the original "bender" trem. The neck angle needed to be changed by the thickness of a piece of paper under two neck screw holes,it wasn't much. If you are getting a body routed out for fr , it should not be an issue at all, it really isn't a "top mount" then.

And yes double check the nut width for the locking nut.
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