Hey guys,

I just picked up a used marshall avt150h from guitar center last night and skipped out on getting a cab because I couldn't find anything in decent condition or in my price range. Also because I know absolute shit about cabs...

But either way, anyone have any recommendations for some potential cabs? I play mostly metal, but this head has a really nice acoustic and clean channel I can see myself using quite a bit.

I don't need a 4x12, but I'm open to anything, looking to spend around $300, can be used.

I would check out Avatar Cabs or Carvin. Marshall makes some great cabs, but it might be a little bit out of your price range.

If you can save up to around $400, you could get one of these 2x12s with Celestion Vintage 30's... You can't beat that... http://www.carvinguitars.com/products/212V
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I'd suggest looking on Craigslist if you're ok with getting something used. Just make sure the cab you're looking at has the proper impedance for your head. Also, make sure that it can handle the output wattage.
As far as what brand... can't go wrong with a Marshall 1960, but they're a bit out of your range. Not a fan of their MG series, but they're still Marshall so they can't be that bad. Peavey isn't bad either
Personally, I got my cab (a used 70's Kustom beat to hell) off CL for $50 and replaced the speakers for another $150
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Being Marshall does not equate to "can't be that bad." MG cabs, like MG amps, are dreadful. AVT's aren't much better either (sorry TS). I've had a VS100 in my band room running through a sensational Soldano 2x12 and it still sounded bad. Through an MG cab I probably would have thrown it all on the fire.

The Avatar suggestion is a good one. You may find a Marshall 1936 on CL or ebay for a decent price too. They're not bad.
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Dunno how much they go for in your area but a used Mesa 2x12 would do nicely. If not you could keep an eye out for a Marshall 1936, maybe an Orange cab if you can find one cheap enough.
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