Hey I'm looking for a fuzz/distortion pedal that sounds like this:

[forbidden link] (guy plays through a twin reverb so its gotta be pedals he's working with)

And/or this:

[forbidden link]

I can't tell if it's distortion or fuzz they're working with. Either way, what pedals might you guys recommend to achieve such a sound? I'm running through a fender twin reverb.
in case you didn't notice, your links are gone.

give us some more detail and we will see how we can help you.
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Oh man, I don't know why that happened. I really only know how to describe the sound in terms of other bands, so I'm looking for a pedal that would get the sound of Metz, Japandroids, and other noise rock bands. Like a noisy, distorted tone that still has clarity when playing a chord. I'm not sure if that falls closer to fuzz, distortion, or somewhere in between.
What you need is a Pro Co Rat Distortion! Probably more towards the cleaner distortion sounds than fuzz.
The guitarist from Japandroids uses Black Sovtek Big Muffs (they've been rehoused recently) if that means anything. Big Muffs are nice.
Well I got the RAT today, and so far it's sounds pretty sweet. I'm getting some dirty nasty tones from it. Thanks for the input guys.
if you like noise rock check out death by audio, i don't know that much about noise rock or death by audio but i've seen a place to bury strangers a few times and they sound badass and the guy who owns the company is mad cool
I love my RAT !!
Rat, Sparkledrive, Mxr doubleshot, get pretty much all the types of drives I need!