I was a huge fan of the last AIC record Black Gives Way To Blue, but wasn't sure how excited to be about the follow-up. However, I'm glad to say I'm really loving the two teaser tracks so far released from their new album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here, "Hollow" and "Stone".

I know this version of AIC will always have its detractors due to Layne's absence but I think William Duvall is a great addition to the group, even if Jerry has largely taken up the role of frontman.

Dare I say it, I think tracks like "Check My Brain" and "Your Decision" are destined to become future classics. Previously I have found AIC's output to be somewhat patchy, with (obviously) Dirt and the MTV Unplugged albums being the only true must-haves. However, Jerry's writing seems to have somehow solidified since the last album into a more consistently satisfying style. Thick, grinding guitar tone? Check. Weird, off-kilter string-bendy riffs? Check. Haunting vocal harmonies? Check. Simple, memorable solos no one else could write? Check.

Really looking forward to this. Almost as much as the new QOTSA album.