Hi Guys,

Since learning guitar, I'm really getting into this Heavy Blues style of music.
Basically just blues music that is kind of Heavy Rock influenced.

Does anyone know any bands I should check out that kind of fit this style ?
Aggressive Dirty Heavy Rock Blues lol.

This is kind of an example of what i'm talking about
Chasing the Sun

I try pandora and it just keeps throwing SRV and Jimi Hendrix at me ( who I love, but im looking for somethin abit heavier )

I posted here because I wasn't sure to post this in the Rock or the Blues sub-section
Gary Clarke Jr. Excellent Heavy Blues there
If you have never checked out the Wood Brothers. Do yourself a favor and look them up. Best. Band. Ever.

This is kind of a gimme but, not forgeting some of the classics of course like ZZ Top and AC/DC. They are classified as Blues Rock. Or newer stuff like Airborne (AC/DC). Just throwing some of the more obvious ones out there. You can always just put your own twist on their stuff.
Thanks for the suggestions !

that Brutus band is exactly what i was talking about !
also that Gary Clarke Jr. omg, so good.

seems there's not as many of these Heavy Blues bands out there as one might think !

most are either clearly sitting in the blues camp, or straight rock ( which i know has its roots in blues )
There is this pretty much exact same thread in the Modern Rock Thread. I'd take a gander.
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