Hey guys!

So recently I got myself a Jackson San Dimas (Adrian Smith signature) body from Ebay.
Now I have to get myself a neck. I am wondering, would a standard strat neck from, let's say Warmoth, work? Are the dimensions at the heel the same on every Strat neck?

Because I have a really cheap strat copy (which is a crappy build anyway) and I took the neck from that one and put it on the Jackson body, and it didn't fit.

Also, any recommendations on where to buy a neck? Preferably Europe, because I don't really want to pay any shipping + additional taxes.
Thanks in advance!

Need new neck for Strat, do they all fit/have same size?
Warmoth make great bodies. Crap necks. Plus you'd be paying shipping and taxes. Same goes for USACG and Musikraft. Your best bet is finding somewhere near to you which carries Mighty Mite necks in stock, or buying a second hand Fender neck off eBay.

As for the fit, most Jacksons use the same heel as a Fender Stratocaster. Note that just because something is Strat-like does not mean it uses the same heel, it just so happens that Jackson and Fender are the same company so theirs do tend to match up most of the time. Jackson heels tend to be very slightly wider than Fender heels, so usually a Fender neck on a Jackson body will have a bit of a gap and a Jackson neck will need ot be sanded a little to fit it to a Fender body. You may also find, very occasionally, that the existing screw holes don't quite line up.

Basically, other than buying a matching Jackson neck, nothing is going to fit perfectly without a little work on your part. A Fender neck is the easiest and cheapest to make work.
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