Hey guys!

Needing some help here!

I get this really annoying buzz every time I hit the lowest string, especially when I palm mute. It's horrible!
I know for a fact it's not the strings because I have played a different guitar with the exact same strings and pickups so I'm thinking it could be the the pickups picking up the resonance from the body?

My guitar is an Ibanez RGD320z and it's in drop G#!

Again, had no problems with the other guitar in that tuning! (Ibanez RGD421).

Any ideas t get rid of it?
Drop G sharp? why not just buy a 7 or 8 string. Or a bass?

Your neck probobly has some major bowing issues. Truss rod adjustments and action are gonna have to be fiddled like crazy.
There is nothing wrong with it!

The guitar is a 26.5" scale and in perfect tuning and intonation and set up correctly.
I just get this annoying buss resonance hitting just the two bottom strings, especially in palm muting!
Also my last guitar was a 25.5" scale and in drop G#. Got it in perfect intonation and tuning as well but without that buzz.

Need help!
If it's buzzing it's not setup correctly.....simple. If you are just going to ignore advice people give you don't ask for it. Just go back to chugging palm muted power chords and open strings in a stupidly low tuning. I hear it sounds super br00talz.
Your guitar probably cant handle that god awful tuning you're in. May want to invest in a baritone if you're going to be playing in such a low tuning or take it to an expert to get the truss rod tweaked so it can partially handle it.

Have you tried going up to E standard and seeing if the fret buzz disappears?