...box, at least:

But, oh, whats this, no Kemper inside?

No GG&A, its your favorite little amp, the Tweaker!

Sitting a-top my 2x12

What can be said that hasn't been said before? This thing is awesome. So many options on tap and they all sound so gooooood.

I've had the evening to play around with it and am very pleased that it handles bedroom volumes as well as I've read. Its the perfect low volume tone machine, but still sounds epic when cranked.

All the tubes are stock, and sound totally fine, but arriving shortly in the mail ill have some KT66 tubes to replace the Egnater branded Rubys in the power section, and some Raytheon 12AX7As for extra tweaking. Should be a fun evening.

Soz for Kemper dupe, inb4 TS is a hoodwinking faggit


Finally had a chance to try some different tubes (preamp anyway) tonight. Lined up in the pic is everything I managed to test (from left to right, all 12AX7 except the Dario, a 12AT7WA), a long plate Slyvania, an Italian made Phillips Miniwatt, a French made Dario branded Phillips Miniwatt, a new Sovtek, two JJs and the three stock Egnater branded Sovteks.

Tried a 12AT7 in the PI position first, as per a suggestion in this thread.

V1, stock. V2, stock. V3, Dario 12AT7WA - Noticeable improvement in dynamics, the Dario tested really strongly when I bought it and seems to open the amp up a little.

V1, JJ. V2, JJ. V3, Dario 12AT7WA - Bit of a shocker, but the JJ's totally sterilized the amp for me. Cleans sounded pretty poor to my ears, very flat and lacking that sparkle. High gain sounds were better than stock. Fuller and fatter. Still not right though.

V1, Sylvania. V2, JJ. V3, Dario 12AT7WA - Awesome. Obviously the V1 position affects your tone massively and the amp sounds superb with the Sylvania at the helm. Cleans sparkled and the the dynamics are all there. Great sound.

V1, Philips Miniwatt. V2, JJ. V3, Dario 12AT7WA - Pretty good. Lovely cleans, crunchy gain.

I settled on the Sylvania in V1, left the Dario in V3 and slapped the Phillips in the V2.

Me = happy chappy
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I hate you. :/

Even if it was a Kemper, I would have said that.

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They sound too digital. The built in effects are ass, and they're too quiet in a band setting. You wasted your money TS. WASTED IT!
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The Tweaker seems like an interesting little amp. How does it handle higher gain stuff/being boosted with an od?

Any chance of some clips?
Isn't a tweaker a crack head? How does the clean roll up into gain with the guitar vol? HNAD!
Dude, the tweaker is cool but the misleading thread title has left me very very disappointed...

HNAD in any case, fun little amps!
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Great photography as well.
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I love the boxes some amps come in. I bought a Krank 1980jr and it came in a MG100 box
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what you need now is a good OD, and put those new tubes and and your set. i put a tung sol in v1, jj v2, NOS jan phillips 12at7 in v3. i think that combo added a lot of clarity. the stock tubes are a fizzy mess, so look forward to a noticable improvement in tone.

i have the 40 watt, and it too works well in the bedroom. these amps are one of the most friendly tube amp models ive come across.....spanning almost all fenders, voxs, HKs, egnaters, in the price range.
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TS, you got screwed! Next time ask for pictures of the amp!

freakin' eBay man, you know?

Thanks guys, the little crack head got me out of bed super early this morning, just had to play some more before work.

Bedroom metal is achievable with a boost (my OCD clone) and a lot of mid scooping. Doesn't sound brilliant at decent volumes but its perfectly fine for bedroom levels. I ran my Siggery through it this morning with its SD Blackouts, which totally owned the preamp and pushed it into decent sounding djent tones almost (if thats not an oxymoron...).

Didn't get round to testing volume roll off, although given the dynamics in this amp, I'd suspect it performs very well in this area, will try and post some clips later.

Thanks for the tube recommendations ikey_, Ill have to try a 12AT7 in the phase inverter . Cranking the volume a bit more this morning did reveal quite a lot of top end fizz.

I might just throw a couple of JJs into V1 and V2 tonight, see what difference that makes, although I don't think they're a perfect match for the amp. Still, be good to compare that to stock, and then JJs to my incoming NOS.
yeah once i started pushing the gain knob past 6 kinda revealed more. i generally EQ with a lot of mids, and keep the hot switch on with the gain up, and boost it to get a decent higher gain tone. if i really want ti heavier, ill flip the mid cut and make sure i have a lot of mids tightening it up with my OD and EQ. i find the preamp setting preference, been liking the brit setting lately. bright and tight on.

i find the AC setting to be darker at low volumes, so i prefer the other 2 in my bedroom. however, the AC is slightly lower volume....seems like its 1-2 DB behind the others. so some may like this for bedroom playing. it certainly does get brighter at band volume....i generally use the ac live. most amps do get brighter though...

still i would be hesitant to use a tweaker for hard hard rock live. a room mate once had a marshal DSL. beast. chewed the tweaker and spit it out in terms of handling gain.
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great little amp.

i was able to get some real nice tone our of mine with the stock preamp tubes chucked and a good od pedal out front.


now take the back panel off and use it as the front panel.

Quote by gregs1020

now take the back panel off and use it as the front panel.

You can do that?! Sweet!

I was actually planning the remove the front panel and make my own with grill cloth to match my cab (maybe even a little red snakeskin too...).
yeah a guy did it on one of the other guitar sites and put the logo back on. it looked great honestly.

i took the back panel off of mine and left it off, wish i'd of thought of it.

i sold mine to a friend and am trying to get it back from him, but he's not letting go.

don't blame him, stupidly versatile amp that does lower volumes really well.

i'll probably grab another one at some point, it's tough to beat at the price they go for used.
Goddamned tweakers. The Tweaker 88 really makes me lol.

Now they're Nazis as well!

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