Hello everybody! This forum is awesome so I joined but after trying to post a link to my youtube demo, it shows up as "FORBIDDEN LINK". When I tried to read the FAQs and FORUM RULES to find out how to post a link or why my link is forbidden, I find the FAQs and RULES full of FORBIDDEN LINKS.

Has this forum got a virus or is everything FORBIDDEN for the newbs? Guess I can just go back to my Harmony Central misery in hopes the clouds will part over there...

Cheers, JB

It's a new thing they added against spam, you have to post a bit before it'll let you post links

Come to think of it, they should really add that to the FAQ. Maybe i'll pm an admin or something later.
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Yeah it prevents people just coming to advertise their stuff and then vanishing into the aether.
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Thanks for the explanation. I can understand if I am not able to post links immediately. It just doesn't make sense to me when you see hundreds of "FORBIDDEN LINKs" in the FAQ and FORUM RULES sections. As a newb, it makes the whole forum look like it's been hacked.
The same to me i tried to inmediatly post the link of my new disc, but i coudn't, well let's wait a little and see how things happens, maybe the admin could review links before posting or something like that...