I recently picked up an Ampeg B3158, like the title says. I'm not much of a bass player, and most of my experience is with tube amps, not solid state. Right now I've got the Gain set between 1/3 and 1/2 and the volume set on the other side of the halfway point from that. Playing with a pick, digging in causes the two limit lights to flash on initial attack, and if I dig in while hammering on, the flash is a bit more prolonged and stronger. The sound distorts, but not in an unpleasant way, and I'm not writing jazz tunes, so that doesn't bug me. I'm just worried about damaging the amp by playing at the point where these lights flicker, or possibly beyond...

TL:dr- playing at a volume I like, my peak and limit lights are going off occassionally. Is this telling me that I'm potentially damaging the amp?
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The Ampeg 3158 combo amplifier is a 150-watt RMS amp that splits the power between the low frequency (15" speaker) and the high frequency (8" speaker). The low frequency gets 100 watts and the high frequency gets 50 watts. As a result, you are not likely to blow through the speakers unless you consistently turn everything up to 10 and blast away for hours at a time. It is a good amplifier and it should serve you well. Frankly, I think 150 watts is on the weak side for bass, but if it is delivering what you need and what you want, then rock on and enjoy that Ampeg!

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I had that Amp and ended up selling it. Its a good amp for smaller groups, but it clips like a mutha when you drive it a bit too hard.