Hey there guys and gals-

I'm doing a pickup swap for a friend of mine. He has a Jackson HSS Dinky and likes DiMarzio pickups. I'm just not as familiar with different pickup combinations as I am with other things.. so I'd like your opinions on what models are popular and go well with each other.

He likes to play a variety of styles, but I'd say mostly classic & modern rock. He doesn't need anything to cover the extremes (high gain/metal or crystal clean, country, etc.), just a good all-around passive set. Like I said, he prefers DiMarzio but let me know if there are other great options also--we can't go with just anything though, I'm ordering them thru the shop I work at for discount, so it has to be a manufacturer we deal or have a vendor for.

Which Dimarzio pickups go well with each other in a HSS Jackson for classic & modern rock?

Thanks for your help
What amp? What guitar woods?
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I just screwed around with the DiMarzio pickup picker:

You may want to look into a Transition Bridge (B) / Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 (M) / Injectior Neck (N) combo.
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I just screwed around with the DiMarzio pickup picker:

You may want to look into a Transition Bridge (B) / Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 (M) / Injectior Neck (N) combo.

Cool, didn't see that tool. That does look like a pretty balanced 3.
The 35th Aniversary PAFs should work good. I think their modeled after the pickups on either a 59 or 57 Les Paul, so they would be good for classic rock. And their what comes standard on a Kurt Cobain Signature series Jaguar, so they can definitely handle modern rock (or almost anything you throw at them).
For what it's worth I have a basswood body guitar and play through a blues jr...

Been using a Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues 2 for middle position and loving every second. I find it does a great clean jazzy/acoustic ish tone as well as some good biting mid gain stuff.

Also, my bridge pickup of choice is an older dimarzio FRED... a solid choice for sure, not stupid high output or anything. Great rock tones all around, also coil splits nicely without sounding thin or anything.
DiMarzio don't really make good "all-round" pickups. DiMarzio's pickups are very much problem solvers; compensate for this, get rid of that, add more of this, etc.

Seymour Duncan don't make many pickups that can compensate and really rebalance an uneven tone balance or response, but they do make very good pickups for reinforcing your 'core' sound. If all-rounders are what you want, SD are your brand.

I would question why your friend likes DiMarzio so much, if they can't pick a set of pickups for themselves. That sounds to me like blind brand loyalty just for the sake of it.

HSS, basswood and a Blues Junior for classic and standard modern rock makes me think SD Custom in the bridge and a '59 in the neck, if the guitar is a fixed bridge model, or a Custom 5 and Pearly Gates if it is a vibrato model. The only DiMarzios I would even vaguely consider for that combination and need would be a Tone Zone in the bridge, if very huge output is needed (which it doesn't sound like it is) and the PAF Pro (which is a more modern-sounding, 'shreddy' version of a '59 design).
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I'd disagree there as the Norton is certainly a good all-rounder, as is the Breed although that emphasis on the lower mids can be a bit much in mahogany it should be fine in basswood, both those would work well in this situation.

certainly those are the exception rather than the rule though and like you I find Dimarzios tend to be a lot more focussed in terms of what they'll be good for.
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Call Dimarzio. They're really cool on the phone. The guy who I spoke with also told me that they were made in the USA, too. Amazing, huh?

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