So on my mustang if I have the tone control all the way down and change the volume from full to anything below full and back up (kinda like a makeshift tremolo pedal I guess, just going from max to 75% or so back to max) it'll make some sort of "waowaowao" sound as I change the volume on the guitar back and forth.

To me it sounds as if the guitar is quickly changing between closed tone to open tone. Like when the volume control is at 100%, the tone will be fully closed....but when I move the volume to 75% it sounds as if the tone is turned all the way up.

Is it because of my pickups? It's a phatcat in the bridge and lace silver in the neck and happens in all four pickup positions. I haven't noticed this on my stratocaster, so I'm not sure if it's something with just my guitar or what...
Seems wiring poor, check electronic or service. Had similar problem with volume knob. Try some guitar service