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Unreal T
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Well, I think the conclusion is....being a musician can in a way contribute to society in a unique way...but it is not a real job.
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Why would I want to contribute to society? Society sucks ass.
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Unfortunately, I wouldn't be happy enough doing that. I have the misfortune of having too many interests and not being happy unless I can do more than one of them.
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I would give my left nut for 3.000 USD income month for 2-3 years as a musician
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I think that a musician does contribute to society. What is life without culture? what about other forms of culture, such as professional sports? Do they contribute anything to society?

Music impacts people's lives in all sorts of beneficial ways. My mother is in a Nursing Home right now. She sits and has nothing to do all day long. But when I bring in a music DVD for her to watch and listen to, she lights right up. So do all the other residents. Without music, these people would probably lie in bed 24/7.

And this does not include all the economic spin offs, such as agents, tour organizers, promoters, roadies, T-shirt sales, etc. There are a lot of economic spin offs to music, in addition to all the emotional benefits.

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I'm curious as to why people are of the opinion being a musician is not a real job.
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It is a real job, but realistically there are more important jobs in society. TS is asking if its better to pursue one of those.

Jobs like Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Scientists etc etc. are more important to the functioning of society than music. Its not bad or good it just simply is that way.

Thats why all those jobs generally pay much better and are more plentiful than music jobs.
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Yes? Why would you not? Job that pays decently (or you could become filthy rich), you get to develop a trademark and a following and your product is 100% based off of your own creativity. You get to hire people who you like to do work for you while on the road, and while on the road you just get to hang out and have a good time with your bandmates.

The hardest part of your job would be pressure to put out more music and getting tired of being on the road.
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Originally Posted by Todd Hart
No job you're likely to do is going to contribute to society in any meaningful way. However, being a musician isn't a real job.


become an accountant or something
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I recently made the decision of no longer pursuing a music career. I realized that there are certain things about being a fulltime musician that erk me like:

1. Being dirt poor [unless you are of course extremely lucky]
2. Your livelihood is 100% dependant on what you create. You can't take a break from it, can't take the time to make sure anything is good, you have to shovel out music to keep yourself afloat. Also not to mention you are basically forced to write what other people want; if you hope to sustain yourself by only writing for yourself and your own pleasure, i hope you like being homeless or poor.
3. A career musician isn't the best candidate for a long term relationship, family, etc.
4. Did I mention being dirt poor?

That's not to say that creating music can't be done as a hobby. It's really difficult making a living off music. If I did, it would turn music into a business and possibly suck all the fun out of it.
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If I could live off of music, I probably would until I burned out (which will definitely happen at some point). I wouldn't concern myself about my contributions to society at all. As said before, if people are enjoying my music, then I've contributed to society. I've enriched somebody's life with my music.

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I dunno, i work in science and to me its more fulfilling than playing music. Its a lot more work but you actually feel like you're getting something done, which we know is the entire purpose of the human race. Or so it seems
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Musicians can contribute to society, but not through their music. Because music is a pretty frivolous thing. But for example Bono spreading awareness of genocide in Darfur or whatever that was. It's contribution that comes from being a prominent person with a bully pulpit. If I was an average musician with no fame and no influence, no I wouldn't be happy.
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King Donkey
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Originally Posted by strait jacket
I have horrible feeling you're not talking about afl...

I'm not even Australian.
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Originally Posted by strait jacket
Entertainers DO contribute to society, can you imagine a world without entertainment and art?
musician all the way.

I hate when people do this but..

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Originally Posted by Unreal T
If you were in a successful band and making a decent living...would you be happy with that?

Or would you feel it does not contribute anything to society in a meaningful way and that you are just really nothing in life.

Oddly phrased question. Why would you pursue something that you felt had no bearing on society or impacted anyone's life for the better?

Like if you make music that people like and listen to and are willing to go out of their way to hear... Then aren't you contributing to society?

I mean to put it in other terms. Say you're a guy who makes whos-a-whats-it's. Sure there are many other people who make whos-a-whats-it's. Probably a lot who do it better and make a lot of money from selling their whos-awhats-it's. But if the ones you make and sell are of a quality and color and certain aesthetic that people are willing to pay money for and you can support yourself with it and people come up to you on the street and say "Hey, you're that guy that makes those whos-a-whats-it's. Thanks so much, man I love your work." How can you say you're not contributing to society when your product has impacted people's lives for the better?

If you're successful at something and you still feel you aren't contributing positively to anything... Then stop? I guess find something else that makes you feel fulfilled in life. Normally people find justification for music through the reactions of others.
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Of course I'd rather make a decent living from being a musician. No contest. Law/accounting/IT etc are terribly boring professions.
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Originally Posted by Mathedes
If you're making a living off music then all of this is happening: venues would be making money with your act, roadies will have their jobs traveling with you, musicians in your band - hired guns or not - will have the gigs. And most importantly, people are entertained/appreciative of your art. Keep the culture alive.

Can't say you're not contributing at least something.

This. Plus, some die hard fans might fly internationally as well, so you are contributing to tourism to a small extent too. If it was true that musicians contribute nothing to society, the same thing could be said for many other entertainers.

But to answer the question, yeah i would like to be a successful musician rather than having some kind of day job.

*Edited to make a bit more sense.

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Originally Posted by sage76
Of course I'd rather make a decent living from being a musician. No contest. Law/accounting/IT etc are terribly boring professions.

Depends on what kind of law we're talking.
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