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Has anyone heard device yet? They are gigging now and I got to hear more than just the "villify" song. What do you guys think?

[forbidden link] prp.com/2013/04/11/news/device-disturbed-play-their-first-ever-live-show-footage-posted/

I was a disturbed fan for the first album, mostly because I'm a Chicago native that was living in the south at the time and they were a Chicago band, I was homesick. Also because I was like 15 and they used the F word a lot and they weren't half bad. With every album after they began to write the same set of songs over and over, so I felt. The riff's are pretty cool but the machine gun vocals are way over used. </rant>

So it sound's like there was no point for the Disturbed hiatus when Device sounds like the exact same band yet somehow not as good. I understand that Device uses some electronic's but Disturbed also used programming. Is this just a chance for the fat jew to collect more coins by hiring a few guns? What do you guys think? Creative outlet or cash grab? How do you feel about the music they make?
The best part is how Draiman claimed it was an "industrial" band.
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