Wanted: One (or more) Machine heads/tuning pegs for Aria Pro II Magna. For charity.

Hi all

I work for a charity and as a part of my job I teach guitar and bass to vulnerable adults.

I recently bought a cheap 2nd hand bass - an Aria Pro II Magna MAB-20/5. It was very knackered, but I enjoy and have experience in setting up guitars, so that was not too much bother and it meant that I got it for a good price.

However, one of the machine heads/tuning pegs is not working (the post does not turn). It's the one for the G string, so it is on the underside of the headstock. I wondered if anyone has a spare about which they would be willing to either pass on or sell for a lowish amount?

The other four MHs (on the topside of the head) are feeling anything but smooth. But they do work so replacement is not essential. However, if anyone has more than one on offer that would be fantastic.



Here's what they look like, except mine are black...:
BUMP - BUT NOW I ONLY NEED ONE TUNER - the one for the G string (on the bottom side of the headstock).