Song starts a bit abruptly. I like the sound of the guitars and overall the quality is great. Your voice is really good, the harmonics too. The song keeps sounding interesting because you change parts and add stuff (like the piano). Very solid overall.

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Love the intro guitar riff/ melody, and the tone of the guitar. Could do with maybe a fade in, just a slight one.

Vocally, especially in the first verse, you could do with pronounciating the words a bit better. The tone of the voice and rhythms are cool, but some of the words I had to do a double tke to understand them.

The little electric guitar fills are awesome, they add a nice touch to places where it would otherwise feel empty.

The vocal harmonies in the chorus part/ quiter part are nice, really nice harmonies.

The solo part is great, but I think the lead guitar should be a little louder, as the rhythm is doing some fairly loud chord based riffs.

Also, the outro, I felt like rather than tone down, it should have gone up. End it on a slammer, really go crazy with your emotions. You want her to NOTICE you, that you want that chance to 'whisk her off her feet', so show her, really say it to her.
I'm lovin everything about it. I seriously have nothing to add except that i think the electric guitar could be a bit less busy in the song like in the first verse i would just not have it at all, because these are very good sounding leads you have and you wouldn't want to have it in the background all thetime. Voice is great. Drums are good. Bass is good. Good job (y)

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Not really my style of music, but damn that's a good set of pipes. There aren't really any massively stand out parts, but overall it's an enjoyable listen. And some of the licks were interesting. Maybe put more focus on them.

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Thank you for the review(s)! Very good vocals & harmonies! Instrumentally everything sounds good too. This has somewhat of a 70's vibe for me (fine with me). Perhaps a slight country vibe, maybe. The whole recording is very well done. I wouldn't be surprised to hear this on the radio, but not sure if the style is in vogue now.
Thank's for the kind words and advice guys! Aaron, I was definitely going for a 70's vibe. I wanted it to be a real head bobber haha.
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The instrumentals sound like background music to a whimsy mobile game. Not in a bad way! It's just because it's such a clean and crisp mix. Great vocals man! Very catchy song. Not much else too say. Well, it does start kind of out of the blue, as said before. But that's about it. So good job!

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I have to agree that the song starts a bit abruptly, maybe it would start better if there was a small guitar sound right before the heaviness kicks in. That being said, really nice guitar licks and vocal melody phrasing. Also am digging the change at 0:54, cool vocal harmonies and I like how it is driven by the bass to start and then goes back into some piano and then back into the main guitar riffs, back into the piano, etc. Here is a link to my band Valley Haze

This is the kind of stuff I really like these days. There is so much going on and all the insturmentation compliments each other really well. The vocals are strong and the harmonies are great. This is very inspiring. Thanks for posting it. I hope to hear more.
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im loving it man. the production quality, mixdown, etc. is good and im loving those major pentatonic licks at the beginning are nice. there just something about the major pentatonic scale that warms the heart. but anyway, i dont really make the same kind of music you do but take your pick. the one titled "nonsense" was made with all processed guitar audio.