I have an LTD EC-1000T CTM. I'd like to replace the gold tuning pegs with either chrome or black. I'd rather not do any drilling or filing so I'd like to know what tuners would serve as a direct replacement? I have pictures, if that helps. The hole left when the tuner is removed appears to be about 10mm wide.

I had a quick look at Schaller or Sperzel, but those appear to have only one notch sticking out whereas the ESP has two.

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Schaller M6 might work. They look like direct copies.

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They look to be the same as the Schaller's used on Fenders. Normal M6 tuners have an external tab and screw. The Fender ones use the two pins like on the back of your ESP branded tuners. However since even Fender doesn't use them anymore (they now use Ping) these are harder to come by and more expensive. I would just use a regular Schaller set. You would just have to drill a tiny hole for each one and the tuners bodies should cover the old pin holes.
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You could try contacting ESP and seeing if they have any?
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