I've been buying pedals from overseas and locally for some years now and have a collection of probably almost 20 different pedals now, of which over half were bought on eBay from overseas shops and sellers. The only pedals I've had problems with power supplies were my Line 6 MM4, as these require their specific power supplies to work (or a shitload of batteries), and Digitech Whammy, which came with an American power supply so I had to buy a step-down transformer so it would work with Australian 240v power.

I'm considering buying a few more pedals from the States, but I have started to see some sellers specifically stating that the units are "made for" a certain voltage supply... for example, I was looking at a Way Huge Swollen Pickle from the States, but I found one here in Australia for double the price but it said the unit was "made for Australian 240v power so it won't blow up".

Is this all bullshit or does it actually matter where you buy pedals from? I thought it only mattered what power supply you used? So far none of my American-bought pedals have fried...
The way huge swalloen pickle runs on 9v dc, so its just bull...
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The pedals will be the same, they run on 9 volts dc (mostly, some are different, ie processors, whammy, DL4). The adapter is what will depend on your location, whether or not you need 120 or 240 volt.

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