You know, for the entire 5 years I've been playing guitar, I've been to about 7 guitar teachers in my area. I finally settled with one because he just somehow seemed to have a better dynamic and teaching style that I enjoyed and inspired me, he just made sense.

But that leaved me wondering, for the people who have had (or still has lessons), what made you stick with the guitar teacher you have right now? I mean, what did he (she if you're lucky ) do in that first lesson that inspired you enough to keep going with them?
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It wasn't really the first lesson. First lesson with any teacher is usually pretty standard and boring. But my guitar teacher listens to pretty much everything from metal to grunge to bluegrass/country to classic rock so he can pretty much answer any questions I have about theory or technique.
Well, i go to school for music, but even there i've gone through quite a few guitar teachers. I was self taught for 3 years and i've been taking lessons at school for 1 year now. The teacher i've stuck with i did so for a few reasons that are important to me personally.

One was i wanted a teacher that was very well rounded. I've had teachers at this school that are AMAZING metal players, and i've had amazing blues players. But the one that i settled with is very well rounded. He can play metal, rock, blues, funk, jazz, fusion and a bunch more very well. He might not be as good at metal as some of the other teachers or as good at blues as some, but he is not locked into one genre, and i don't want to be either.

Another reason was that i wanted a teacher that shared the same mindset as me. So i talked to all the teachers i knew about music in general. The teacher i have now share many views with me when it comes to music, and we share similar taste in music. We are both very much into theoretical and technical music, mainly jazz, fusion and progressive rock/metal.

Most importantly though, i felt that this teacher was the best for me cause i improved a lot better from his lessons than any other teachers and we always have a blast during our lessons. I'm constantly developing my knowledge of theory, improvisation, my ear, my technical abilities and i get to play many concerts with other of his students.

After every single lessons i realize that there is so much more i don't know or that i can improve on, and that's what keeps me going.
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