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Hi all,

So just now after a crappy gig bags dropped Ive noticed there's now two splits in my les Paul, mine is a left handed les Paul standard. The fall seems to have out a crack on both sides of the neck starting at the nut and running about 6.5 cm on the left side where a part of the wood has come off and left a part exposed and on the right hand side a crack starting at the nut and also going about 7 cm down.

I've rang a luthier and he says the problems easily fixable but I'm still worried , do I lock it away until I take it there tomorrow, take the strings off and tie some cloth around it to attempt to hold it together a but longer or anything else? First time this has happened to me so any help would be appreciated!

Thanks Simon
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Leave it alone until someone who knows what they are doing can have a closer look at it.
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You put a Les Paul Standard in a gig bag? Shame on you.
Seriously though... leave it to the professionals and for god's sake get a proper case. Would you carry your child around in a grocery bag?
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" Would you carry your child around in a grocery bag?"
You mean I've been wreckless for all these years?
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i'd slack the strings and put it in a hardshell until taking it to the luthier.

but then again if i'm not playing my guitars i put them in a hardshell.

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What the fack is a cm? Is that like an inch or something?

One centimeter is about 0.4 inches.
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Dude, that is a 2.5" and 3" crack in your neck. Loosen the strings and get it to a luthier. Don't even think of playing it until it is properly repaired... Then get a hard shell case and keep it in it.
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Have a guitar technician take a look at it. Your Les Paul is in better condition than mine at least, my one's whole headstock broke off D=
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Wait not guitar technician, I was thinking of the wrong thing. Oh you know what I mean
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All Les Paul STandards came with cases. Where did yours go?
Moving on.....
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So this thread is a few days old, OP whats happening with the Git? Is it ****ed?